Youthreach is a programme of education and training and work experience for early school leavers provided in an out of school setting. Youthreach aims to develop the core skills needed for further learning and to prepare young people to progress to further education / training or to employment.
Youthreach is an integral part of the national programme of second-chance education and training in Ireland and is a central part of the Government’s contribution to the achievement of a lifelong learning society.
Youthreach is an attempt at addressing the serious problem of early school-leaving. It is estimated that as many as 750 children fail to transfer every year from Primary to Post-Primary school. The number of students who leave education with no qualifications is 3.2% while another 15.3% leave with only a Junior Cert qualification. This leaves students at a serious disadvantage, not only with regard to the labour market, but there are issues of self esteem to be taken into account also.
Youthreach adopts a student centred approach which aims to emphasise achievement. Education begins with the student, with the personal effectiveness of the student developed through setting their own goals and endeavouring to achieve them. This in turn validates the student and promotes positive self belief.